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Beach Retreat

Come to the beach! Leave your problems behind and relax.

City Hotels

Modern, affordable hotel in a great location

Idyllic Retreats

A retreat from the rhythms of city life is often just what you need


ēRYAbySURIA Cherating

Where sunshine, golden sandy beaches and cool waters of the South China Sea beckon

ēRYAbySURIA Hot Spring Bentong

Delightful retreat is located approximately 69 km north of Kuala Lumpur

ēRYAbySURIA Johor Bahru

For the busy traveler who wants to experience the best of Johor Bahru and Singapore

ēRYAbySURIA Janda Baik

Infusion of luxurious modernity and kampung-style architecture and heritage

ēRYAbySURIA Merang

Most beautiful beach getaways where there’s fun under the sun

The Royal Cambridge Hotel

Experience your stay in a Grade II listed Victorian Townhouse in the most stylish way possible

International | Malaysia

ēRYAbySURIA has three resorts, two hotels and one holiday camp under its roof, all located at strategic locations such as Cherating Pahang, Terengganu, Janda Baik Pahang, the city of Johor Bharu, Bentong Pahang and London, United Kingdom. Each accommodation has its own unique qualities and is fully equipped with various modern facilities that include facilities for meeting and trainings.

One of the missions of Suria Resorts Management is to enhance the reputation of the hotels and resorts under its roof within the hospitality industry. Hence, we focus on the concept of friendliness, cleanliness, efficiency and halal. Focusing on customer’s satisfaction through excellent services, Suria Resort Management values a deep connection with our guests and also provides job opportunities that conform to the Shariah law.

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