ēRYAbySURIA Cherating has function rooms and business centers for those events planners organizing a meeting, conference, or seminar. At ēRYAbySURIA Cherating, events planners are guaranteed that they have everything they need to ensure a perfect, hassle-free event – be it a convention, conference, product launching, or any themed event. For every occasion in the resort, guests can expect to receive value-added service to make their stay worthwhile.

VenueDimension (feet)Area sq m)BanquetClassroomTheaterCocktailWorkshopU Shape
Kayu Manis36 (w) x 48(l) x 20(h)160901002001509060
Kayu Manis I23(w) x 36(l) x 20(h)77404060504030
Kayu Manis II23(w) x 36(l) x 20(h)77405060504030
Bunga Cengkih6.5(w) x 38(l) x 9(h)23303350404025
Bakawali Ball Room40(w) x 80(l) x 9(h)316200200400300200100
Bakawali Class Room (4 classroom)20(w) x 40(l) x 9(h)74404050604030
Jintan I26(w) x 24(l)58404050504030
Jintan II26(w) x 24(l)58404050504030
Jintan III29w) x 24(l)58404050504030

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Meetings / Events / Seminar Types:Conference and banqueting facilities support:
Seminars and conventions
Banquet and functions
Corporate and individual family days
Group outing and excursions
Product launches
Themed events
Wedding ceremony
(Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western)
Association meetings and events
Public address system
Overhead projector
LCD projector
Cordless/standing microphones
Portable stage
Outdoor karaoke
White screen
A4 paper and pencils
Backdrop (up to 50 lettering's maximum)
Drinking water