The Bunga Padi Restaurant offers a selection of delectable Malaysian and Western delights. Dine indoors or outdoors at the ambient and breezy terraces while soaking in the natural beauty and surroundings of the hotel, the beautiful sunrise, and the sunset.

NASI DAGANGA great treat for rice lovers, nasi dagang is a satisfying, delicious meal made of rice and glutinous rice. Cooked with rich coconut cream. The aromatic rice is eaten with a tuna curry and a vegetable pickle.
SATARThis interesting dish consists of succulent boneless fish marinated in spices. Satar is wrapped in banana leaves and grilled over a flaming charcoal fire.
KEROPOK LEKOR A fried snack, keropok lekor is a thick, chewy cracker made of ground fish meat. Keropok lekor is best eaten with its special chili dip.
OTAK-OTAKSlices of mackerel or prawns are marinated in a coconut and spice paste. They are then cooked over charcoal fire.
LAKSA TERENGGANU Rice noodles and a fragrant fish gravy make Laksa Terengganu a simple but highly satisfying dish.