We also offer a range of outdoor and indoor activities and services that are designed to cater to various age groups. Depending on your need – whether for adventure or mere relaxation – you will find something to do to while away your free time while being lulled away by the charms of our natural surroundings and feel rejuvenated when you return home.

Vaulting Bar
Length: 11 Feet
High: 4 Feet
Hold the bar, slowly lift both the leg, one by one over the bar
Swinging Plank
Plank: 1 Feet x 19 Feet
Length: 17 Feet
Step and walk slowly in the middle of the plank till end
6' Wall
Wide: 20 Feet
Height: 6 Feet
To cross and climb the wall together with the hold group
Graduate Balance Walk
Length: 19 Feet
High: 4 Feet
Walk slowly till the end, sat and take a breath before you jump down
Monkey Rack
Length: 17 Feet
Wide: 18 1/2 Feet
High: 6 Feet
Hold the bar and slowly lift your hand and balance your body, move from one bar to another till the end
Tarzan Swing
Nyalon: 13 1/2 mm x 16 Feet
High: 18 Feet
Hang at the rope and swing to cross the muddy pool
Diameter: 2 1/2 Feet
Length: 16 Feet
Crawl slowly till the end of the tunnel
Wire Grant
Wide: 11 Feet
Length: 15 Feet
Crawl with both hand on the sand with both legs pushing your body till the end of wire grant
High element – Abseiling, Flying Fox, Burmah Bridge, Leopard Crawl, Postman Walk and Mulitirine Traverse
Low element – 12” wall, King finger, Hole-in-One, Tension Traverse, Wild Woosey, All Aboard, Hickory Jump
Futsal and volleybal
Team-building programme and camping
Kayaking, water confidence, and fishing
Table tennis
Board games – Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Scrabble, Carom, Congkak
Children’s playroom